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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my site or organization apply for a grant but not start a CHW program?

A. No, a requirement of the grant funding is for a site or organization to start a CHW program, staffed by at least one CHW (or cross-trained CHW).

Q. What are the basic requirements to apply for funding?

A. To be eligible to apply for funding, your organization much provide direct patient/client services, and must use funds to develop, at minimum, a part-time CHW position within your organization.

Q. Can my site or organization use funding to remodel our building or purchase equipment?

A. No, food, beverages, equipment, building remodels, construction costs, and vehicles are not able to be funded.

Q. Can a cell phone and monthly service be funded for the CHW?

A. Yes. A cell phone and monthly service can be funded for the CHW throughout the funding period.

Q. Can office equipment, such as a desk, chair, or filing cabinet be covered through the funding?

A. Yes, basic office equipment is an allowable expense.

Q. Can the funding provide transportation for patients?

A. No, the CHW role is meant to provide resource coordination to assist patients in finding transportation, but the CHW is not meant to provide direct transportation, nor is the funding able to cover those transportation expenses.

Q. Can the funding support the purchase of a software?

A. If needed, the funding can support the purchase of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and/or documentation software. Other software cannot be purchased with this funding.

Q. How is an hourly rate for personnel calculated?

A. For an hourly employee, hourly rate is calculated by taking the hourly wage plus the hourly fringe benefits (or fringe benefits percentage). For salaried employees, hourly rate is calculated by adding the annual salary plus the fringe benefits (or fringe benefits percentage) and then dividing by 2,080.

Q. Can our proposed budget be edited after it is submitted?

A. Yes. The proposed budget is meant to be a guide to assist your site or organization in developing a draft budget. A monthly invoice will need to be provided in order to receive reimbursement for expenses occured during the funding period.

Q. Can we choose the training program our CHW completes?

A. Yes, to a certain extent. This funding opportunity can provide training for an individual through an approved CHW Certificate-Program.

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