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Request for applications


In the spring of 2021, the South Dakota Department of Health received a large CDC grant to support the development of a sustainable Community Health Worker (CHW) workforce in South Dakota. Part of this grant funding has been allocated to fund request for applications to support individual sites in planning for, training, and developing a sustainable CHW program. 

Request for Applications (RFA) for CHW programs are available on a rolling application basis for up to $50,000 per state fiscal year (June – May). All sites and/or organizations that receive funding will be required to hire a CHW and/or cross-train a current professional to be a Certificate-Level CHW. 

To learn more about the RFA application process, view the introductory webinar prior to reviewing the RFA files.


To learn more about the funding process and requirements, click on “Before You Apply” on the sidebar to review an application checklist and learn more about the application process and requirements.

How to Apply

Once you have the budget and project narrative prepared and finalized, click “Apply” on the right side.

  • All CHW RFAs MUST BE SUBMITTED by October 3, 2022, for consideration for FY2023 funding.