Certification Committee


The primary purposes of the Community Health Worker South Dakota (“CHWSD”) Certification Committee (the “Committee”) is to govern the certification and practice of Certified Community Health Workers in South Dakota by establishing the scope of practice and standards of ethical conduct for all Community Health Workers (“CHW”) and Community Health Representatives (“CHR”) certified by the Committee, the standards and requirements for CHW/CHR education and training programs in South Dakota, establish the eligibility requirements and administrative procedures for the issuance of CHW/CHR certificates to qualified applicants and the renewal of such certificates, in order to protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare of all people in South Dakota. 

 The Committee is also responsible to promote the statewide certification program and provide certified CHW/CHR resources to employers.  In addition, the Committee is responsible to assure the approved certification standards continue to comply with South Dakota Medicaid Standards to promote sustainability among the CHW/CHR profession.

The CHWSD Certification Committee is governed by the CHWSD Executive Committee and Board of Directors of CHWSD. Click below to view the full Certification Committee Charter.