Board of Directors

Board of Directors Overview

To continue moving forward with developing the CHW workforce across South Dakota, the CHWSD is working to transition to a non-profit, 501c3 organization by June 1, 2025, to continue to grow, develop, and sustain the workforce for years to come. As the CHWSD continues to partner and work closely with the DOH, but as a non-profit, the CHWSD can further advocate for the workforce and apply for additional funding opportunities to further our mission.

CHWSD Board of Directors 2024

Alyssa Olson

Brookings Health System

Community Health Worker

Angela Schoffelman

Avera Health

Brett Johnson

Minnehaha County

Pamm Hoben

Black Hills Pediatric Dentistry

Tonisha Brown

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Community Health Representative (CHR)

Catherine Jeffries

Oglala Sioux Tribe CHR Program

Karli Marts

Rural Office of Community Services

Community Health Worker

Sandy Lown

The Teddy Bear Den

Sara Foust

Codington County Community Services

Corryn Gabbert

SD Department of Health

(ex officio)

Ashley Lauing

SD Department of Social Services

(ex offico)