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Position Summary

The CHWSD works to develop a sustainable CHW workforce in South Dakota. Prior to sustaining the workforce, the CHWSD has to introduce organizations and individuals to the CHW profession in order to build out the workforce.

Eventually, the CHWSD will serve as the professional organization for CHWs in South Dakota. This will include hosting conferences and continuing education opportunities for CHWs, as well as maintaining a statewide registry of CHWs to adequately support them in their profession.

Initially, the CHWSD will work to:

  • Promote the CHW position
  • Promote the CHW scope of work
  • Promote integration of CHWs into medical and social services organizations

Once the CHW workforce is developed in South Dakota, the CHWSD will then provide workforce support for CHWs.

Position Summary

The CHWSD is looking to connect with CHWs in South Dakota. If you are a CHW in South Dakota, please reach out to the CHW and introduce yourself!