Initial Workforce Development

The CHWSD is fortunate to have the support of the South Dakota Department of Health to grow and develop a sustainable CHW workforce in South Dakota. Since its inception in January 2020, the CHWSD has worked to connect with all Community Health Representative (CHR) programs in South Dakota as well as work to develop CHW positions across South Dakota.

The CHWSD continues to:

  • Promote the CHW position
  • Promote the CHW scope of work
  • Promote integration of CHWs into medical and social services organizations


Health Disparities Grant


In June 2021, the South Dakota Department of Health was awarded a substantial grant to further develop sustainable CHW positions across South Dakota, as well as continue to sustain and grow CHR positions.

As of June 1, 2023, there are over 115 CHWs and over 85 CHRs across the nine (9) tribes in South Dakota. The CHW workforce continues to grow and develop. Click here to view sites where CHWs and CHRs are employed.

This number will continue to increase throughout the next few years with additional funding opportunities available through the Health Disparities Grant as well as continued organizational support for CHWs and CHRs across South Dakota.