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Career Ladder

Career Ladder

The CHWSD recognizes the Community Health Worker profession as both a lifelong career and an opportunity for an individual to continue their education and training while continuing to work as a CHW.

CHWs may consider the following opportunities for career advancements:

  • CHW Diploma
  • CHW Associates Degree
  • Additional Training in a specific area (i.e. diabetes, asthma, etc.)
  • Management training to manage a CHW program

The workforce development section of the CDC’s CHW eLearning toolkit provide a more detailed overview of possibilities of career growth for CHWs.


Career Lattice

In addition to training as a CHW, individuals may also consider cross-training in an additional profession to expand their reach of services and employability. This can be especially useful in smaller communities in South Dakota where a full time CHW position may not be an option.

Individuals who are currently a CHW may be interested in exploring the following additional training opportunities:

  • Certified Nurses Aide
  • Medication Aide
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • EMT
  • Interpreter

Additionally, individuals may also consider training to become a CHW to enhance the services they currently offer in their position. For example, a nurse may also train as a CHW in order to better provide resource coordination for patients in a primary care clinic.